The Fellowship – Episode 3: Save the Children

Aragorn (human fighter/warrior 2) and Brioche (human thief 2) finally caught up with the group at the mausoleum offering chamber underground.

At the same time, Fredo (halfling thief 2) reported on what he saw in the next room — 7 goblins chanting with a shaman goblin whilst there were 4 bound children on the floor in front of the shaman.

Fearing for the children, they went into the next room ready to attack the goblins. However, they found that there were 2 other goblin warriors at each corner nearest the room entrance as they walked in.

Once everyone was in the room and she had line of sight of the goblins, Hermione (human magic-user 2) cast her sleep spell from the safety of the corridor and knocked out three of the eight visible goblins. Unfortunately, the shaman wasn’t affected and continued his dark ritual.

The Oracle (human fighter/brute 2), Aragorn, Rusty (dwarf fighter/berserker 2), Elfred (elf cleric 2) and Mistamojo (human cleric 2) engaged the goblin warriors and easily overpowered them.

Meanwhile, Fredo stepped back into the corridor to hide in the shadows hoping to sneak attack the goblins later. Brioche then went to one dead goblin warrior to grab its long sword.

The goblins near the shaman moved toward the group to allow the shaman to continue the ritual. At that point, the shaman stabbed one of the boys on the floor with his dagger, shocking some of the heroes. The shaman then continued his chanting while slowly walking to a bound girl on the floor, not paying the group any mind.

Wanting to focus on saving the children, the party attacked the goblins who were protecting the shaman. However, luck wasn’t on the heroes’ side as they were not able to dispatch the weaker goblins as quickly as they had hoped.

In the end, they still managed to beat all of the goblin protectors but one. But a few got minor wounds from the exchange and Elfred nearly died from being impaled by a spear. Thankfully, Mistamojo was able to hand Elfred a healing potion in time.

Just when they thought that victory was within reach, they heard a growl come from the passageway behind them. The rest of the goblin raiders with their dire wolves have come down the corridor.

Rusty and Oracle quickly formed a barricade in the corridor to block the advance of the second goblin group while Hermione cast another sleep spell that knocked out a third of the enemy forces. With the Dire Wolf in front and engaged with Oracle and Rusty, the second goblins group were effectively blocked from entering the room.

Seeing that he couldn’t do a sneak attack, Fredo just went for one of the goblins. They became locked into a sparring match where neither of them was able to land a blow on the other.

A shriek sounded out The shaman then stabbed another child on the ground. The walls of the room vibrated. This pushed Aragorn to act. He engage the shaman to protect the other two boys on the ground. Brioche closed in to help.With Aragorn in the way, the shaman took notice of the heroes for the first time. He cast a Cause Fear spell which made Aragorn suddenly flee from the scene of the battle. Upon seeing this, Mistamojo stepped in front of the shaman to stop his advance toward the children.

Will the heroes be able to protect the remining children? Will they be able to stop the goblin reinforcements from coming into the chamber? Will Fredo finally defeat the lone goblin standing in the middle of the room?

We all have to find out next week when we meet again.


The Fellowship – Episode 2

A new player has joined our group this week. He hasn’t played anything like D&D before and thought the whole thing was just too nerdy. But, he wanted to give it a go so I had him roll up a character before the actual game session.

His brand new character is a dwarf fighter berserker he called Rusty. He seemed to have liked the idea of a short but strong battle-hardened dwarf. The other players were excited to have Rusty join the group.

On Tuesday, we had our second session and we only have an hour to play. It concerned me a little because two hours of play was already considered short. It can’t be helped though as some guys have work meetings to attend after the game.

The game started where we left off in episode 1. The heroes were victorious against a group of goblin raiders but unfortunately, four town children were still abducted by another group of goblin farther away. They didn’t realise this until it was too late.

After getting some provisions from town, they set off north to track down the goblins that took the children. They followed the tracks for a couple of hours but it soon became too dark to continue. They had to set up camp for the night. It was just as well. Their spell casters needed the rest.

Mistamojo the cleric, Elfred the elf cleric and Hermione the magic-user went to sleep as the other half of the group stayed up to keep watch. Rusty the dwarf berserker, Oracle the brute and Fredo the halfling thief were drinking some ale by the bonfire and swapping stories when a growling large black bear walked into camp.

Rusty took a piece of wood from the bonfire and strode toward the bear intending to shoo it off. Startled by the advance, the bear reacted by attacking Rusty. Luckily, the dwarf was good at dodging bear hugs.

Oracle advanced to engage the bear. Meanwhile, Fredo stepped away from the heat of combat and hid in the shadows. Fredo used his stealth to circle around the bear and then at the right moment, struck the bear from behind, half killing it with a single blow. With the bear severely weakened, Oracle easily finished off the bear.

In the morning, the group woke up to a hearty bear breakfast. When everybody was ready to go, they continued their hunt for the goblins into the woods.

After a few hours of walking, they came to a clearing. In the middle of the clearing was a mausoleum on top of a small hill. As they were approaching, they saw a goblin in front of the mausoleum standing by the door. It did not seem to have noticed them as it casually went into the building and closed the door.

There was a lengthy discussion on the best way to deal with the situation. In the end, Fredo volunteered to go through the door and see what’s on the other side. He was hoping that whoever was inside wouldn’t notice him entering.

Elfred the elf cleric felt Fredo would need help so she cast a Protection from Evil spell on him. And just in case Fredo might need more help, she decided to accompany him through the door.

Luckily, behind the door was a dark staired corridor leading down and nobody was around. Thanks to Darkvision, neither the halfling nor the elf required any light. They carefully descended the stairs and took a peek at the room at the end of it.

It was an offering chamber as evidenced by the large brazier at the centre of the room with dried flowers and candles around it. There were six unarmed goblins hanging out in the room, oblivious to the fact that our heroes were close by.

At that point, everybody went downstairs and they acted quickly to dispatch the goblins. Hermione cast a Sleep spell on the creatures that put three of them to sleep. However, this caused two of the remaining conscious goblins to attack her with their spears. Having been stabbed by spear, Hermione stepped back to let the fighters Rusty and Oracle take the front.

Meanwhile, Fredo went for the lone goblin at the corner of the room and successfully killed it before it could act. And then, while the other two goblins were busy fighting Rust and Oracle, Fredo snuck behind one of the goblins and killd it with his dagger. Rusty then killed off the last goblin.

With the melee over, they took some time to check the room and if there was anything there that was noteworthy. First, they noticed that there were some equipment and money left behind by the dead goblins on the floor.

They looked around further and saw that the walls had tapestries depicting knights of a holy order engaged in fierce combat against goblinoid creatures. On top of the tapestries were the words: “I pledge myself to the holy order of the temple. I declare this solemn oath of obedience, poverty and chastity. I give the order my sacred word.”

On the wall opposite the stairs was a passageway and above the entrance was a sign that read “Only the penitent man shall pass.”

With the rest of the group busy collecting anything from the room that might be of any value, Oracle hastily decided to just walk throught he passage way entrance. On his third step into the corridor, he felt his feet sank by an inch and then heard a click. A large blade came out of the wall sideways but Oracle was quick enough that he was able to kneel down in time to avoid the blade. Fredo then disarmed the trap by putting a pole between the blade and the wall, jamming the blade in place and making it safe for everybody else to pass through.

Afterwards, Fredo decided to continue down the dark corridor to scout ahead. Due to his Halfling nature, he was not seen nor detected by the goblins in the room at the end of the passageway. They were busy chanting, performing some dark ritual. There was a goblin in robes facing the statue on the far wall holding a bloodied dagger. His chanting echoed through the room and into the passageway. The four children appeared to be alive still but bound on the floor in front of the shaman. There were seven other goblins visible to Fredo but he wasn’t sure if there were more.

As he left the scene to report back what he saw to the others, he heard the chanting grew louder with more voices joining in. The chanting definitely felt like it was building up. Will the heroes make it in time to save the children? We’ll see in session 3 next Tuesday.

The Fellowship – Episode 1


After a long long time of waffling, I finally asked friends at work if they were willing to play D&D (like in the show Stranger Things). I sold the game to them as a good team building exercise that would foster teamwork and camaraderie. And most importantly, it would be a fun (also funny) joint experience. It’s cool that they said yes.

So Wednesday was the first game session (using #BasicFantasy RPG rules) and this is how it went.

I have the players all start at level 2 and that means that they’ve been adventuring together for a while now. For one reason or another, they are comrades.

Their story started at the frontier town of Landseal, in the tavern called Full Tankard. They had just ordered their lunch when there was a commotion outside. Goblins have come to town through the gaps in the northern town wall that was currently being repaired and reinforced. People were shouting that the goblins were taking the children!

The fellowship (as I’ll refer to them tentatively) went out to investigate and found a few town guards dead by the north road. In front of them are seven short but fierce-looking goblins. The largest of the goblins at the back of the pack saw that the party was armed and ordered the rest of the goblins to attack.

Hermione, the magic-user, acted quickly and cast a sleep spell on the goblins. Four of the seven fell down, including their leader. This did not deter the remaining three goblins as they advanced on the group.

Fredo, the halfling thief, snuck to the side and ran around in an attempt to flank the goblins and strike them from behind. Meanwhile, Bro. Mistamojo, the cleric of Sol Invictus, and Oracle, the fighter brute, met the advancing goblins head on. Unfortunately, neither of them were able to land any blows on the nimble goblins.

Brioche, the young thief, charged into battle and threw his dagger at the goblin closest to Bro. Mistamojo. His dagger went into the goblin’s left eye socket and instantly killed it. Meanwhile Hermione shot out an unerring magic missile at another goblin, dealing it a fatal blow to the chest.

Despite being the lone goblin left, it wanted to avenge its cohorts and decided to fight to the end. At that point, Elfred, the elf cleric, cast a spell that caused fear on the remaining goblin making it want to flee.

Fredo then jumped behind the fleeing goblin and took the opportunity to strike it dead. With the last evil goblin down, the townsfolk watching the event cheered and shouted for joy at the fellowship’s apparent victory.

However, Rosemarie, the widow living closest to the north wall screamed out that her son was taken by the goblins. There were 3 other children that were taken.

The fellowship had been busy with the goblins in front of them that they had not realised that there were other goblins at the back of the pack making good on their escape with the abducting children.

After Rosemarie pleaded with the fellowship to help them get their children back, they readied themselves to go after the goblins north of town and bring the children back home to Landseal safely.

Will they succeed in this task? The players will have to find out next session.

And that’s where we ended after an hour and a half of gaming and explaining the rules. It was extra challenging for me because it’s the first time I actually ran a game completely in English (I tend to run games for my Filipino friends in a mix of English and Tagalog).

Anyway, I thought it went very well and I’m happy how engaged the majority of the players were. They seem to be excited to play again. They said it’s like being in Game of Thrones, but funnier because of a couple of critical fails and odd player decisions.

With that, I’m looking forward to the continuation of their adventure. They seem to be a fun bunch of players. I’m glad I convinced them to play “D&D” at least once.