The Fellowship – Episode 1


After a long long time of waffling, I finally asked friends at work if they were willing to play D&D (like in the show Stranger Things). I sold the game to them as a good team building exercise that would foster teamwork and camaraderie. And most importantly, it would be a fun (also funny) joint experience. It’s cool that they said yes.

So Wednesday was the first game session (using #BasicFantasy RPG rules) and this is how it went.

I have the players all start at level 2 and that means that they’ve been adventuring together for a while now. For one reason or another, they are comrades.

Their story started at the frontier town of Landseal, in the tavern called Full Tankard. They had just ordered their lunch when there was a commotion outside. Goblins have come to town through the gaps in the northern town wall that was currently being repaired and reinforced. People were shouting that the goblins were taking the children!

The fellowship (as I’ll refer to them tentatively) went out to investigate and found a few town guards dead by the north road. In front of them are seven short but fierce-looking goblins. The largest of the goblins at the back of the pack saw that the party was armed and ordered the rest of the goblins to attack.

Hermione, the magic-user, acted quickly and cast a sleep spell on the goblins. Four of the seven fell down, including their leader. This did not deter the remaining three goblins as they advanced on the group.

Fredo, the halfling thief, snuck to the side and ran around in an attempt to flank the goblins and strike them from behind. Meanwhile, Bro. Mistamojo, the cleric of Sol Invictus, and Oracle, the fighter brute, met the advancing goblins head on. Unfortunately, neither of them were able to land any blows on the nimble goblins.

Brioche, the young thief, charged into battle and threw his dagger at the goblin closest to Bro. Mistamojo. His dagger went into the goblin’s left eye socket and instantly killed it. Meanwhile Hermione shot out an unerring magic missile at another goblin, dealing it a fatal blow to the chest.

Despite being the lone goblin left, it wanted to avenge its cohorts and decided to fight to the end. At that point, Elfred, the elf cleric, cast a spell that caused fear on the remaining goblin making it want to flee.

Fredo then jumped behind the fleeing goblin and took the opportunity to strike it dead. With the last evil goblin down, the townsfolk watching the event cheered and shouted for joy at the fellowship’s apparent victory.

However, Rosemarie, the widow living closest to the north wall screamed out that her son was taken by the goblins. There were 3 other children that were taken.

The fellowship had been busy with the goblins in front of them that they had not realised that there were other goblins at the back of the pack making good on their escape with the abducting children.

After Rosemarie pleaded with the fellowship to help them get their children back, they readied themselves to go after the goblins north of town and bring the children back home to Landseal safely.

Will they succeed in this task? The players will have to find out next session.

And that’s where we ended after an hour and a half of gaming and explaining the rules. It was extra challenging for me because it’s the first time I actually ran a game completely in English (I tend to run games for my Filipino friends in a mix of English and Tagalog).

Anyway, I thought it went very well and I’m happy how engaged the majority of the players were. They seem to be excited to play again. They said it’s like being in Game of Thrones, but funnier because of a couple of critical fails and odd player decisions.

With that, I’m looking forward to the continuation of their adventure. They seem to be a fun bunch of players. I’m glad I convinced them to play “D&D” at least once.