The Fellowship – Episode 1


After a long long time of waffling, I finally asked friends at work if they were willing to play D&D (like in the show Stranger Things). I sold the game to them as a good team building exercise that would foster teamwork and camaraderie. And most importantly, it would be a fun (also funny) joint experience. It’s cool that they said yes.

So Wednesday was the first game session (using #BasicFantasy RPG rules) and this is how it went.

I have the players all start at level 2 and that means that they’ve been adventuring together for a while now. For one reason or another, they are comrades.

Their story started at the frontier town of Landseal, in the tavern called Full Tankard. They had just ordered their lunch when there was a commotion outside. Goblins have come to town through the gaps in the northern town wall that was currently being repaired and reinforced. People were shouting that the goblins were taking the children!

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