The Fellowship – Episode 2

A new player has joined our group this week. He hasn’t played anything like D&D before and thought the whole thing was just too nerdy. But, he wanted to give it a go so I had him roll up a character before the actual game session.

His brand new character is a dwarf fighter berserker he called Rusty. He seemed to have liked the idea of a short but strong battle-hardened dwarf. The other players were excited to have Rusty join the group.

On Tuesday, we had our second session and we only have an hour to play. It concerned me a little because two hours of play was already considered short. It can’t be helped though as some guys have work meetings to attend after the game.

The game started where we left off in episode 1. The heroes were victorious against a group of goblin raiders but unfortunately, four town children were still abducted by another group of goblin farther away. They didn’t realise this until it was too late.

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