The Fellowship – Episode 3: Save the Children

Aragorn (human fighter/warrior 2) and Brioche (human thief 2) finally caught up with the group at the mausoleum offering chamber underground.

At the same time, Fredo (halfling thief 2) reported on what he saw in the next room — 7 goblins chanting with a shaman goblin whilst there were 4 bound children on the floor in front of the shaman.

Fearing for the children, they went into the next room ready to attack the goblins. However, they found that there were 2 other goblin warriors at each corner nearest the room entrance as they walked in.

Once everyone was in the room and she had line of sight of the goblins, Hermione (human magic-user 2) cast her sleep spell from the safety of the corridor and knocked out three of the eight visible goblins. Unfortunately, the shaman wasn’t affected and continued his dark ritual.

The Oracle (human fighter/brute 2), Aragorn, Rusty (dwarf fighter/berserker 2), Elfred (elf cleric 2) and Mistamojo (human cleric 2) engaged the goblin warriors and easily overpowered them.

Meanwhile, Fredo stepped back into the corridor to hide in the shadows hoping to sneak attack the goblins later. Brioche then went to one dead goblin warrior to grab its long sword.

The goblins near the shaman moved toward the group to allow the shaman to continue the ritual. At that point, the shaman stabbed one of the boys on the floor with his dagger, shocking some of the heroes. The shaman then continued his chanting while slowly walking to a bound girl on the floor, not paying the group any mind.

Wanting to focus on saving the children, the party attacked the goblins who were protecting the shaman. However, luck wasn’t on the heroes’ side as they were not able to dispatch the weaker goblins as quickly as they had hoped.

In the end, they still managed to beat all of the goblin protectors but one. But a few got minor wounds from the exchange and Elfred nearly died from being impaled by a spear. Thankfully, Mistamojo was able to hand Elfred a healing potion in time.

Just when they thought that victory was within reach, they heard a growl come from the passageway behind them. The rest of the goblin raiders with their dire wolves have come down the corridor.

Rusty and Oracle quickly formed a barricade in the corridor to block the advance of the second goblin group while Hermione cast another sleep spell that knocked out a third of the enemy forces. With the Dire Wolf in front and engaged with Oracle and Rusty, the second goblins group were effectively blocked from entering the room.

Seeing that he couldn’t do a sneak attack, Fredo just went for one of the goblins. They became locked into a sparring match where neither of them was able to land a blow on the other.

A shriek sounded out The shaman then stabbed another child on the ground. The walls of the room vibrated. This pushed Aragorn to act. He engage the shaman to protect the other two boys on the ground. Brioche closed in to help.With Aragorn in the way, the shaman took notice of the heroes for the first time. He cast a Cause Fear spell which made Aragorn suddenly flee from the scene of the battle. Upon seeing this, Mistamojo stepped in front of the shaman to stop his advance toward the children.

Will the heroes be able to protect the remining children? Will they be able to stop the goblin reinforcements from coming into the chamber? Will Fredo finally defeat the lone goblin standing in the middle of the room?

We all have to find out next week when we meet again.


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