The Fellowship – Episode 5: What’s a phylactery?

Brioche and Oracle left the mausoleum to take the children back to town while the rest of the group stayed in the main chamber and spent the night there.

The group started the day early. Looking through the large hole in the ceiling they could see that it was still dark outside. But having regained their strength, they felt confident to look around the hidden crypt.

After some investigation, they’ve learned that this was the crypt of a Sir Tristan and his Templar knights. Mistamojo detected magic in the tombs themselves so they tried to pry open the tombs. But then they heard somebody shouting back in the main chamber.

They looked and it was the lich that flew away the day before. It was back! And it kept repeating, “where is my phylactery?!”

Elfred said, “what’s a phelicity?”

The team readied themselves for combat but Mistamojo insisted that they talk to it first and ask it some questions.

However, due to an aura of fear that it emanated, those that went out to engage it froze in fear. Only Fredo seemed to have been unaffected by the aura. He was about ready to strike but took Mistamojo’s advice instead and tried talking to it.

He explained that they didn’t have what it was looking for. The lich did not believe a halfling. It thought that Fredo was lying to him. To show Fredo that it was serious, it cast a lightning bolt at Aragorn standing beside Fredo. With one strike, Aragorn fell to the ground. It asked again in a deep booming voice, “where is my phylactery?!”

The team decided that the time for diplomacy was over.  The clerics Elfred and Mistamojo started to remove the magical fear from those who were frozen. Once able to move again, Rusty went to the fallen Aragorn and healed him. Hermione stung the lich with a magic missile while Fredo slashed at it with his short sword.

Mistamojo still believed he could talk sense to the Lich. In the end, he was able to convince the Lich that there was no point fighting them as they really didn’t know anything and they didn’t pose any meaningful threat. The Lich believed the cleric and agreed that there was no point wasting its time with them cockroaches.

The lich waved its hand and the dead knights buried in the crypt came out of their tombs. Then the lich flew away with an almost inaudible chuckle.

The heroes were left to fight off the zombified forms of the nine knights buried in the crypt.

Will they survive the crypt? Is there anything of value in the crypt worth investigating? We’ll find out in the next episode.


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