Blacksmith’s Heroes – Session 3: The Test

The session described below happened before I started this blog. I posted it in a different site before but I’ve reposted it here to provide context to the future session reports for my first group.

Note that the first two sessions before this were actually played using Green Ronin’s Fantasy Age rules. I’ve converted the PCs to Basic Fantasy for session 3.

This group is based on the western side of Jacris, in the town of Erstone near the edge of the Valleian Forest, home to the Valleian Elves.

They started in the Last Mistake Tavern and balked at the high prices of the meals served there. They again did not actually order any food at the tavern. They decided that they need more money.

While at the tavern, a young boy asked for an autograph from the Blacksmith’s Heroes. They weren’t pleased with the name that’s going around for their group. Goldmoon suggested they be called “Tuesday Group” instead. Not everybody was sold on that idea and will rebrand later.

The mayor’s aide realised that they were the Blacksmith’s Heroes so he approached them and invited them to see Mayor Reuben. He also suggested that they could have free food while at the town hall. On the way to the town hall, they saw the same kid who got the autograph tell everybody in the street that they were the Blacksmith’s Heroes and people started clapping as they went past.

When they got to the town hall, they were given bread and wine while the mayor told them that the town of Erstone is currently having a problem with goblins. There weren’t any goblin issue before the last few days so he was asking if the heroes could find out why the goblins are suddenly attacking the northern outskirts of town. He initially offered 100 gold but the group negotiated it to 800 gold with 60 gold paid in advance. They didn’t think this was much gold either but it’s a job they could do.

When they stepped out of town hall, a man with a limp approached them an introduced himself as Ivar, apprentice to the mighty wizard Kheldratus. He told them that his master is seeking strong individuals for a find and retrieve job. When asked about money, Ivar merely responded that his master is wealthy and powerful. However, in order to be given the job, he also said that his master wanted to meet them first to see if they were indeed up for the task.

On arriving at Kheldratus’ Tower at the western outskirts of town, they noticed that the tower itself was a plain-looking narrow cylinder made of stone with dull red spire on top. It wasn’t very impressive at all. Upon entering, the inside actually seemed magnitudes bigger than the outside.

They were then led to the third floor and entered what seemed like a grotesque “waiting room”.


The room had what seemed like a gigantic skeletal sculpture on the south end that had four arms stretched out each armed with a large mace. There was an outline of a bull’s head slightly on the middle of the floor and directly above it was a cage with no bottom suspended from the ceiling by a chain that went into a hole in the ceiling itself. Behind the sculpture were five mysterious keyholes that didn’t correspond to any nearby door. Lastly, there were several stout wooden columns in the room that stop short of touching the 40-foot high ceiling.

When they entered the room from an eastern doorway, Ivar told them to wait there. He then exited the room through the western doorway. As he stepped out of the room, stone walls slid suddenly to close the two visible doorways shut, trapping the group inside. At that point, the sculpture (which was actually a bone golem), started to move.

After a quick huddle, the group decided to lure the huge bone golem to the centre of the room so that they could drop the suspended cage on top of it. Beka and Gambit went to the north end of the room opposite the golem and shot a few arrows at it to no visible effect. Elrond positioned himself near the two archers and fired off magic missiles at the creature which seemed to have affected it. Chichi spent the encounter trying to get up to the cage so that she could cut it loose and send it crashing down when needed. Goldmoon cast a Protection from Evil spell on herself in preparation for an attack.


The Golem started stomping toward the group along the north wall but Pedro then decided to block the golem’s path and attacked it with his magic two-handed sword. The golem retaliated hard and almost ended up killing Pedro were it not for a cure light wounds spell from Goldmoon.

With Chichi finally in place to drop the cage on command, it turned out that the cage was no longer necessary. The Golem looked severely weakened from Pedro’s powerful blows. In the end, Beka took out her magic rapier and lunged at the golem giving it the mortal strike.

As the light in the Golem’ eyes dimmed to black, the doors opened once again and Kheldratus entered the room very pleased. He told them that they were indeed competent enough to retrieve something from an ancient ruin several miles to the south. But he wasn’t ready to reveal to them yet what it was they were to retrieve. They needed to come back the next day if they were interested. If they didn’t, he would just move on and find another group of brace souls. If they do the task, they would get 1000 gold pieces. They were also given a health potion each for having to suffer through his test.

Elrond was motivated to do this task to get into Kheldratus’ good graces. He hoped to be able to learn new spells from the old wizard in the future.

However, the others are thinking that they already said yes to doing the mayor’s task of finding why the goblins are attacking the town outskirts.

When they stepped outside of the tower and started walking back to town, they saw about 40 feet away a boy running and behind him are three goblins. Gambit and Beka each shot an arrow that killed the two closest to the boy. Elrond, who could speak goblin, believes that they should capture one alive and interrogate him. He ran beside the last goblin and cast a Web spell on him.

They were able to only ascertain that only the chief know why they are attacking the town and that their tribe is actually three days away from there. That is, if all of that was true. The boy they were chasing told them that he only escaped a raiding party but his parents and two siblings are still in their farm. He also told them that he believes that there were at least 15 goblins there. The captured goblin confessed that they have a leader at that raiding party.

There was a lengthy discussion on whether to keep the goblin alive or not. In the end, Goldmoon settled the argument by killing the goblin herself.

To be continued…


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