Blacksmith’s Heroes – Session 4: Save the Farm

The previous session ended with the group leaving Kheldratus’ Tower and spotting a child running away from three goblins. They have easily killed the three goblin pursuers and saved the boy. See Blacksmith’s Heroes session 3.

It’s been 8 weeks since the session before yesterday’s. I forgot how much effort goes into a 3-plus-hour session compared to an under-2-hour session. For one, it’s harder to run the game standing for over 3 hours. I need to change the seating arrangement so that I no longer sit at the head of the table. I’d rather be seated in the middle part of the table and have everything on the table easily accessible.

Anyway, I’m glad I’m able to run the game again for the first group. I was able to apply the things I’ve learned and done from running it for the second group.


The session started with the boy asking the adventurers to help his family who were trapped in their farm at the arrival of a huge raiding party of goblins. At that moment, the group’s two other team members Jud’an Santosa the fighter and Alistair the magic-user finally caught up with them and joined them to help the family out.

The group already knew that Gambit the fighter was cursed early on that trapped two persons in the one body. Only one of the two persons was in control of their body at any given time and each couldn’t share memories with the other. When a switch happens (and they don’t know when and why it happens), the group would have to explain to the current person in control of Gambit what had just happened.

On this occasion, they discovered that there was a third Gambit persona — a pacifist one. She was originally adamant on just killing the goblins moments earlier, but at that moment, she no longer wanted to kill or even hurt the goblins. She believed that the goblins could be reasoned with and convinced to stop their raids through diplomacy.

Once the group had adjusted to Gambit’s change in personality, they went into formation and started their march North.

On the walk to the farm, they noticed somebody else following them. They tentatively said hi to whoever it was hiding in the bushes. A blonde tall man slowly stood up from the bushes. He was wearing fancy leather clothes and a lute on his back. He introduced himself as Gaylord Thatcher, a humble bard looking to write and sing the next big epic.

He asked the group if he could tag along and chronicle their adventures. He promised to stay out of their way. As a way to get into their good side, he explained that it was he who had coined the name “Blacksmith’s Heroes”, to which the group groaned. They dislike that name.

When they arrived at the southern edge of the farm, they stood behind the bushes to gauge how they should approach this problem.

Chichi the thief wanted to sneak toward the nearest shed but accidentally tripped over a branch. The commotion alerted the nearby goblins to their presence. Half the goblin force advanced toward them while the other half that’s farther from them continued to try to break into the house.

The group met the advancing goblins head on. Beka the fighter attacked with her rapier, Elrond and Alistair attacked with their magic, Chichi fended with her dagger, Jud’an and Pedro formed a wall, Gambit attacked with her long bow and Goldmoon created a divine spiritual hammer to smite goblins with.

After a few rounds of fighting, they noticed that the goblins at the other end of the farm were still trying to break into the house. It wouldn’t be long before the door gave way. Gambit was compelled to cross the line of goblins in front of them quickly. Following her lead, Elrond, Alistair and Goldmoon advanced toward the house as well.

What turned the tide of battle was when Elrond started casting multiple Sleep spells which disabled a sizeable number of fighting goblins, including those trying to break into the house.

At that point, elves in chainmail armour appeared from the north, led by a slender black haired elf in regal elfin armour. Elrond, Gambit and Beka, who were elves themselves, recognised the lead figure as Prince Vesryn Valleian, the crown prince of the Valleian elves and with him are his personal guards, the Valleian Rangers.

The elves created magical protective floating discs in front of them before firing off unerring magic missiles at all the remaining goblins nearby. Vesryn himself exploded a powerful fireball at the goblin leader thereby charring him to death.

With the goblins being felled around him, Elrond blasted the door of the house open which allowed Gambit to enter. Inside the house is the frightened farmer’s family. They were relieved and thankful to see Gambit step through the door instead of wild goblins.

At the end of the encounter, the boy was reunited with his family. Prince Vesryn was happy to see that there were other elves also engaged in destroying goblins, whom he considered scum meant to be purged from the land. Before parting, he gave Gambit a ring. He said that if they ever needed his help, just whisper his name on the ring and he will try to reach them as soon as he could.

The group decided that they wanted to go back to Kheldratus’ Tower the next day. Whatever it was that Kheldratus wanted them to do, they suspected that it was related to the growing problem with goblins. They turned in the goblins who weren’t killed in battle to Mayor Reuben Leighton of Erstone for interrogation. They hoped that will help the mayor determine the cause of the goblin raids.

At the end of a long day, they turned in for the night. In the morning, they would be recharged and ready to take on Kheldratus’ quest. That will be the in the next session.


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