The Fellowship — Episode 6: Why so many zombies?

We find our heroes still in the hidden crypt surrounded by undead Templars that have been raised by the Lich before it flew away.

A mysterious light mist rose from the floor and suddenly, Aragorn, Elfred and Fredo fell to the ground unconscious.

Rusty, Mistamojo and Hermione desperately fought eight zombies armed in Templar regalia. Hermione noticed that they weren’t wearing and using mundane gear. They were wearing magical protection and using magically-enhanced weapons. These, along with being outnumbered, made it very challenging for the three.

Luckily, Oracle doubled back to the mausoleum after Brioche assured him that he could take the children back to Landseal safely by himself.

Oracle found a magic-user along the way by the name of Mystic. For one reason or other, she decided to join Oracle to meet his group. When they finally arrived in the main chamber underground, they found the group already engaged in combat with the undead.

Rusty slashed at the zombies with his long sword. Hermione fired off magic missiles. Mistamojo called on divine power to turn two zombies away.

Meanwhile from a distance, Oracle tried to move quickly to assist his friends. He threw a spear at range but he missed. He shot a couple of arrows and those also missed. Mystic along side Oracle and fired off all the magic missiles she had at the zombies.

The group slowly thinned the number of undead remaining but near the end, Rusty was struck down, having already been severely weakened from earlier encounters. Thankfully, his comrades were able to stabilise him and resuscitate him soon after.

With Mistamojo’s numerous failed attempts at turning the zombies again after the first two fled, he decided to end the last remaining zombie with a very well placed strike of his mace to its skull, crushing it completely.

Finally out of combat, they looked at the Templars’ equipment and found on them 2000 gold pieces, 5 rubies, a couple of magical long swords (+1), a ring of protection (+2), a couple of magical daggers (+1) and magical shield (+1).

Rusty and Oracle each took a long sword, Hermione got the Ring of Protection, Mistamojo took the Shield, and Hermione and Mystic each took a dagger.

As the team was readying to leave the crypt to go back to the town of Landseal, they heard someone yelling in the main chamber.

“NO!” yelled a middle aged woman in blue robes with long straight black hair with a single white streak to the side. She was pacing around the hole where the Lich had risen and looking down into it.

She then cast her eyes at the group who have gathered in the main chamber and shouted at them, “what have you done?! Why have you set Kranis Volán free?!”

And that’s where we ended the session. Who is this woman? Who is Kranis Volán? Will they ever get to go back to town and do some shopping? We’ll find out next session.

Four of our regular players were away today due to various reasons. But since it’s already been 3 weeks since the last session, I just wanted to run the session today anyway just so they can finally get back to town and go on other adventures. That explains why three of the PCs just fainted suddenly.

There would have been only four players today if it weren’t for Mystic the magic-user joining the group. We have a new developer at work and he was keen enough to join the game as a female magic-user so I gave him a character sheet.

We also have a new QA/tester join the team recently and she watched today’s session. She even took over control of Rusty near the end because Rusty’s player had to go to a meeting in the next room. She said she wanted to join the game in the next session as a fighter.

So next session, if everybody’s in, there’ll be 10 PCs in the group. I think creating encounters that’s not too challenging nor too easy would be something I’ll have to manage. I’m just glad that I have this chance to run the game with a group of people who seem to be very into playing their characters.


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