The Guardians — Episode 10: Where’s the thing?

This week, I had 8 out of 10 PCs and 2 of the ones who were in the previous session couldn’t make it. I just said they were knocked out by the iron statues to explain why they couldn’t act.

Also, I’m just super busy this week so I have no time to finish the drawing I wanted to go with this session report. I’m posting the rough sketch anyway.

From left to right (excluding the towering iron statues): Fredo the halfling thief, Mistamojo the cleric, Hermione the magic-user, Mystic the elf magic-user and her mirror images, Oracle the fighter, and Rusty the dwarf fighter. Brioche the thief is behind the iron statue on the left and Elfred the elf cleric is not in view because she’s already through the door.

Fredo and Mystic caught up with the group.

They concluded that they need to match the blocks to the correct pedestal as labelled and then provide the block with the element that they represent. They were hoping that this would open the double doors.

They decided to ignore the iron statues and readied themselves to simultaneously activate the blocks. Oracle stood by the Ventus pedestal to provide the block wind. Rusty stood by the Terra pedestal to provide it with soil he grabbed from the cavern outside. Brioche stood by the Ignis pedestal to provide it with the flame of his torch. Mistamojo stood by the Aqua pedestal to provide it with holy water.

Unfortunately, the iron statues were able to knock Mistamojo and Oracle down before they could activate the blocks. Elfred went to Oracle and healed him back to consciousness while Fredo dashed to Mistamojo to grab his holy water. He also administered a healing potion to Mistamojo which brought him back to health.

Mystic cast the mirror image spell that created five copies of herself and then went to the iron statue closest to Rusty and Oracle to try to get it to attack her instead. The iron statue attacked her but only hit one of her mirror images.

While the iron statue was distracted with attacking Mystic and Brioche, the group activated the blocks in unison. The blocks lit light blue. The iron statues walked back to their original positions and the double doors started to open.

Hermione and Elfred went through the doors and found that there is another tunnel. It went in 15 feet before it ended with a waterfall blocking the passageway. Beside the double doors was a button. Elfred decided to press it to see what happens.

The double doors started to close again and the light coming from the blocks on the pedestal went out. The group started to go through the door quickly. The iron statues were on the move again. Mystic blocked their movement again and lost another mirror image. Fredo ran to the doors and planted iron stakes on the floor to stop the doors from closing.

Instead of rushing through the doors, those standing by the pedestal just reactivated the blocks again. The doors opened once again and the iron statues returned to their initial spots in the room. They all went through the passageway and did not press the button this time.

Hermione and Elfred went through the waterfall and saw that the passageway ends with another set of double doors engraved with images of flames. Beside it was another button. Hermione pressed the button and the doors slowly opened.

Behind the doors was a circular room. In the middle was another pedestal with a shaft of light shining down on it. Opposite the entrance was a large blackened fireplace. They saw on the floor two charred goblins.

Mistamojo approached the pedestal and examined it. There seems to be a small flat block on top of it. They concluded that this must be the phylactery they were after. Elfred cast Find Traps and found the block glowing. She declared that it was also trapped.

Everybody stepped back into the passageway while Mistamojo readied to pick up the phylactery and run for it.

When he tried to lift it, it won’t come off the pedestal and it also made a click sound. Suddenly, a fiery humanoid creature appeared in the fireplace. Mystic shot it with magic missile and it seemed to have been affected.

Before the fire elemental could come out of the fireplace, Mistamojo decided to push down on the block on the pedestal. The block pressed into the pedestal and the fire elemental disappeared. Mystic put a bottle of water on top of the pedestal to keep the block depressed into the pedestal.

They were confused. Where was the phylactery then? They noticed faint blackened footprints leading out of the room and into the passageway where they came from. Were the goblins able to take it? Maybe it’s still underground somewhere. Maybe not.

They’ll have to find out next time.


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