The Guardians – Episode 12: Let’s split the party

This week’s PCs:

  • Brioche – male human thief, level 4
  • Elfred – female elf cleric, level 4
  • Fredo – male halfling thief, level 4
  • Hermione – female human magic-user, level 4
  • Mystic – female elf magic-user, level 3
  • Oracle – male human fighter, level 4
  • Rusty – male dwarf fighter, level 4

After fleeing the gargoyles, the group set up camp and spent the night to recuperate. Oracle stood guard and looked around the area. He found a dead mauled body that must’ve been the person they heard screaming earlier.

The night went by uneventfully and they woke up to see that the sky still had an orange hue. They marched on northward hoping to find the lair of the goblins that may have taken the phylactery.

They found a cave after a day’s walk. There found a lot of small foot tracks in the area that could belong to goblins so Rusty investigated the mouth of the cave and declared it safe.

However, when Rusty stepped in, with the rest of the group behind him, he tripped a trap that sent spikes down from the ceiling. It slammed into him but thankfully it did not fatally wounded him. They set aside the trap and continued into the main cave passageway.

A few feet into the tunnel, they saw a smaller tunnel branch out to the east. They decided to stick to the main tunnel and followed the stench of rotting corpses that had become more apparent the further into the cave they walked.

They found an ogre eating sitting on the northern wall of an alcove where the main tunnel led them. The floor was littered with rotted and torn body parts. It wasn’t clear if these were human remains or some other humanoid beings’ remains. The ogre was busy eating what looked like a human leg but stopped when the group entered the cavern.

Elfred went for a non-aggressive approach and talked to the ogre. It didn’t like that they were there but it didn’t attack them. They asked if they could pass through his “home” to look for the “felicity”. The ogre let them pass while it continued to eat the human leg.

The group split up to explore the three tunnels leading out of the ogre’s lair at the same time, to cover more ground quickly. Oracle and Mystic went up the north-east passage, Brioche went in the north passage, and Elfred, Hermione, Rusty and Fredo went down the west passage.

Oracle and Mystic went through some winding passages but eventually found themselves in an ornate room with a bashed-in door. It was a furnished room with a dead skeletal figure sitting in one of the chairs. There were silver goblets and gems on the table. They scooped it up and then left the room via a south passageway.

After walking several feet through the passageway, the ceiling suddenly collapsed on them. A bit of the ceiling crashed on top of Oracle but Mystic was able to pull him out before the passageway was completely blocked by the rubble. They’ve been cut off from the rest of the group.

Meanwhile, Elfred, Hermione, Fredo and Rusty descended into the tunnel to find a fork to the north and what looked like some dark fluid on the floor to the west. They decided to walk around the fluid and went through the north passage instead.

They eventually reached a room that was lit by sunlight coming down from a hole in the ceiling. They looked up and saw twelve blood-sucking stirges hanging from the ceiling. On the ground are a lot of scattered dead leaves and stirge faeces. They tried to cross the room quietly toward the east exit but because of the crunchy sound from the dead leaves, the stirges stirred and descended on the group.

One stirge managed to bite Rusty and stuck to him to suck on his blood. Hermione then cast a sleep spell that put to sleep all the stirges, including the one stuck to Rusty’s back, except for one. Fredo finished off the remaining stirge with his dagger.

During the fight, Elfred accidentally kicked a wooden chest buried under all the dead leaves. She opened it to find two unlabelled potions and several gold and silver pieces, which they divided among themselves. They finished doing that just as Brioche found himself in the same room after wandering through the tunnels.

They continued down the east passage and eventually arrived at a cavern that had the same dark rippling fluid on the ground. From where they stood, they could see there’s a bottle in the middle of the cavern surrounded by the dark fluid.

Hermione wanted to investigate the fluid by extracting some of it in a bottle but that’s when the fluid oozed into life aggressively and moved forward to attack them.

To be continued…



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