The Guardians – Episode 17: Don’t cut the bridge

This week’s PCs:

  • Aragorn – male human fighter, level 4
  • Diana – female human fighter, level 4
  • Elfred – female elf cleric, level 4
  • Fredo – male halfling thief, level 5
  • Hermione – female human magic-user, level 4
  • Mistamojo – male human cleric, level 5
  • Oracle – male human fighter, level 4
  • Rusty – male dwarf fighter, level 4

Last time, the goblin Tarukbo convinced the Guardians to come with him to meet with his leader. Most of the tunnels that lead to their underground lair were overrun by goblins that have been turned into zombies by the Lich Kranis Volan. Tarukbo was certain that there was at least one clear tunnel to their lair where his leader was still in hiding. But even that cave was guarded by three zombie goblins.

The group were able to dispatch two of the three easily. When they failed to put down the last one, it screamed loudly and its shrieks echoed across the valley. They turned around to see a horde of zombies descending on them.

Fredo, Oracle and Elfred looked up and saw that the Lich was floating above the incoming zombies. He was staring at them intently from above but didn’t do much.

Everybody ran into the tunnel with Aragorn in the lead. He finished off the remaining zombie in their path and pushed in. The rest followed him inside except for Oracle.


Oracle turned to face the incoming zombie horde

Oracle turned to face the incoming zombie horde and ran toward them. He believed that he won’t survive the day anyway so he might as well try to slow them down and buy his friends time to escape.

Hermione yelled at him to come back and join them but he ignored her. In an attempt to save Oracle, she created a convincing visual illusion of the Lich a few feet to the side of Oracle. The fake Lich raised its hands palms open in a gesture that Hermione hoped the zombies would interpret as a command for them to stop.

Meanwhile, the group inside the tunnel came into a small cavern with a very deep pit in the middle. Shambling along the hole in the ground are a couple more goblin zombies. Fredo tried to push one of the zombies into the pit but slipped and almost fell in himself. Thankfully he was able to hold on to the ledge long enough for Rusty to help him out.

Elfred bashed the zombie with her spiritual hammer, knocking it down the pit nearby. Mistamojo went around the pit and knocked down the other zombie. With the cavern cleared of zombies, Tarukbo ran passed them and continued into another tunnel while yelling, “this way! Follow me!”

Hermione heard from the inside of the cave that the coast was clear. He called for Oracle to follow them for the last time and then she turned and ran into the tunnel herself. Once she had gone, the illusion of the Lich flickered and then vanished. The zombie horde, no longer confused by the illusion, continued their sprint toward the cave.

Oracle managed to put down a zombie before realising that trying to hold back the zombies out in the open would be futile. It came to him that it was better to run to the tunnel, use it as a choke point and hold them off there.

Once Oracle is in the tunnel, he turned to fight off the incoming zombies. Soon, Aragorn joined him in preventing the zombies from coming in. They were able to kill off lots of zombies but they just kept on coming.

Meanwhile further in, Rusty and Diana followed Tarukbo through the tunnel and saw that there was a portal with two doors wide open at the end. Beyond the doors were two more zombies just standing there inside a huge cavern separated in the middle by a gaping ravine. There was a wobbly rope bridge across the ravine and an ogre zombie on the other side of it hefting a boulder.

Once the ogre zombie saw Diana, it snarled and threw a boulder at her but it accidentally crushed one of the other zombies near her instead. She leapt at the remaining zombie with her long sword and cut it in half. At that point, the rest of the group went into the huge cavern except for Oracle and Aragorn.

The ogre zombie crossed the bridge to get closer to the group when it ran out of boulders to throw. The group gave the ogre zombie everything they’ve got. Hermione fired off three magic missiles at it, Fred threw a dagger at its shoulder and slashed it with his rusty sword, and Diana threw her magic dagger at its chest.

In the end, Rusty’s sword swiped at the ogre zombie’s legs and it fell off the bridge into the ravine. With that, eveybody in the cavern cheered.

Oracle and Aragorn took that as a sign that it was time to retreat. When they got to the doors, they threw oil around the entrance and Aragorn set it aflame with his flaming sword. They then closed the door and barred it behind them.

Seeing that the bridge was able to support the weight of an ogre, some of them had started to cross to the other side. Hopefully, there wouldn’t be any more zombies betweeen here and the goblin lair.

To be continued…



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