The Guardians – Episode 19: Checkout time

This is my first ever game of D&D 5e. We’ve just migrated the existing characters of our Basic Fantasy RPG campaign to D&D 5e. I like it. I hope my players like the system too.

It’s relatively easy to run. Although I have all three core rule books, I intentionally narrowed down the scope of the game down to only what’s in the free Basic Rules plus whatever is in the free SRD. This way, my players can easily access any of that information even if they didn’t buy any of the books.

Creating level 3 characters from scratch is a bit more time consuming in 5e over classic D&D but it does a better job at finishing character creation with a PC that has background and personality all sorted. It definitely encourages new players to think of their PCs as actual living breathing characters and not just a bunch of stats.

The other good thing about it is that there are now more player options and these options are not necessarily that complex. The description for each feature tends to be described in one or two short paragraphs. It’s so easy to just have the player read out loud the description so that we both know what it does during play.

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