The Dragonslayers – Episode 7: The mining town of Stonescar

This session’s PCs:

  • Alistair – male human magic-user, level 3
  • Beka – female elf fighter, level 4
  • Chichi – female halfling thief, level 5
  • Elrond – male elf magic-user, level 4
  • Gambit – female elf fighter, level 4
  • Goldmoon – female human cleric, level 4
  • Pedro – male human fighter, level 4

It was nearly dark when the Dragonslayers of Erstone arrived at the abandoned mining town of Stonescar. They were ushered in quickly into the boarded up Sleeping Canary Inn by an old man by the name of Rell. Once they all stepped inside, two younger men started boarding up the front door to the inn quickly again as it began rain hard outside.

They were about to ask Rell questions when they heard a loud crashing above the inn. Outside, the unnerving sound of clicking and gargling accompanied the pattering rain.

The people in the inn ran toward the bar as some of the heroes ran upstairs to investigate. Chi chi tried to run quietly up the stairs as Beka, Alistair and the two farmers ran past her.

Monsters came crashing in and quickly ran toward the apparent weak people. They ran in a jerky type of way but it did not slow them down. Catching everybody by surprise at how fast they were.

Two leaped down the balcony and to the floor down below. One went straight for the little girl by the boarded up window while the other clawed the nearby old lady in half.

The other two on the first floor turned toward those who were standing by the balcony. Before Alistair even had a chance to react, one of the monsters clawed and bit him. He fell to the ground from his wounds.

Gambit took a peek outside to see what’s going on out there but all she could see were some white figures walking quickly in the darkness.

Elrond cast a web spell at the two monsters on the lower ground just as one of the monsters grabbed the little girl.

Pedro jumped on top of the tables and attacked the monsters around him. Goldmoon created a spiritual hammer and threw it at the monsters. Gambit started shooting her longbow at the monsters from a distance.

Soon, two more monsters broke in through the windows, one of them near the girl and the other burst through the window near Gambit. But that monster ignored her and ran straight to the girl on the other side of the room.

Eventually, with magic missiles and arrows flying in the air and slashing swords, the heroes were able to defeat all the monsters and save the girl from being taken away.

With Alistair revived and the dust settled, the heroes asked the town survivors questions about the monsters they had just faced. They said that one day, they heard a loud explosion deep within the mine. That was the day of the first attack. They rushed out of the mine and killed a lot of the townsfolk and pulled the children back down into the mine, never to be seen again. Some people tried to escape the town but since it’s a few days to get to the nearest town, they believe that those who tried to escape had been killed by the monsters.

They also asked if anybody knew the daughter and granddaughter or Old Man Pat from Erstone. Rell said that although Moira (the daughter) had been killed by the monsters on the first attack, her granddaughter

They decided that the best course of action was to find where the monsters live and destroy them there. And maybe they could save a few children in the process.

After a few magical Healing thanks to Goldmoon, they all rested through the night peacefully. By morning, they were all back in full health ready to raid the mine.

But before any of that, they decided to try to open the Book of Making again. Chichi attempted to unlock the Book and again failed to open it. The book once again electricuted her, forcing her to let go of the book. Unlike the last time, a shadowy smoke escaped its pages and floated out through the gaps in the barred-up window of the inn. Maybe it was just safer to give the Book to Kheldratus after all, some of them thought.

As they geared up to go to the mine, the town survivors thought that they were going to leave them there to fend for themselves. But they clarified that they were going to the mine to investigate the source of the problem. Leena, a young woman in the inn bashfully approached Pedro and seemed genuinely worried about him. She gave him a pendant that she said would give him luck.

Initially everybody was suspicious of the pendant and even considered leaving it behind but in the end Pedro decided to wear it. That was even after Elrond confirmed that it was magical through the use of Detect Magic.

They all went to the mine. It was easy to see that it was the lair of the monsters. There was blood everywhere and some random body parts. They saw the trail of dried blood go into the dark mine.

Chichi led the way, trying to fin the possible monster lair underground. Instead, they found a dead end where a lone monster was crouched gnawing at a humanoid leg. Cornered, it quickly ran for Chichi thinking she’s the weakest member of the group. Also, they presumed because she also looked like a child.

Alone, the monster didn’t stand a chance against the heroes. They quickly dispatched it.

Looking around the mine, they found the same communicator ring that Prince Vesryn gave them a while back. They also noticed around them remnants of what seemed like elf clothes and equipment.

Elrond decided to do the tracking instead. Unfortunately, he led them to a weak section of the mine. The corridor collapsed and held buried them in rock. Everybody was hurt but survived, except for Alistair who passed out and needed to be revived.

Eventually, they found the lair of the monsters. From a good distance, they could see a large brazier with weird runes enscribed along its perimeter on the ground and around it were like the monsters they encountered at the inn the night before but those looked weak compared to some of them in the lair. One was obviously the alpha of the pack. It was the biggest of them all and it had long sabre-tooth fangs coming out of its mouth. They did not notice the heroes as they were busy feasting on something they could quite make out.

After some discussion and preparatory spellcasting, the heroes decided to advance through the corridor toward the monsters. However, as they moved closer, the noise from their carried equipment alerted the monsters to their presence. In quick moment, the monsters ran toward them and around them. Those who thought they were safely behind the fighters suddenly found themselves face to face with the monsters.

Elrond cast Mirror Image causing multiple images of himself to appear around him, making it impossible to know which one was the real him. Alistair cast Invisibility and stepped back from the group.

There was a lot of back and forth between the heroes and the monsters. Magic missiles, arcane blasts and arrows flew. Swords were swung. The lucky pendant Pedro received turned out to be lucky after all. Clawing and biting ensued. Blood was spilt. Beka fell.

In the end, as all of Elrond’s mirror images have all been spent, the spellcasters reduced to using Arcane blasts, the heroes low on health and Goldmoon could only cast one last spell. She decided to cast Hold Person on the last monster — the Alpha — and succeeded.

The Alpha froze and the heroes took that opportunity to destroy it, thus finishing the last of the mine monsters.

With the battle won, they looked around the lair for clues as to what happened there. They saw a lot of torn elf garments and broken equipment scattered away from the brazier as if something exploded from it. They realised the monsters themselves had pointy ears like elves but they were obviously a lot bigger than elves. They also found two items lying around the lair: a ring of protection which Elrond kept and a cloak of displacement which Alistair wore.

They then returned to the Sleeping Canary Inn to bring the good news to the remaining townsfolk of Stonescar.

Magic items gained:

  • Pedro: magic amulet that works like Ring of Protection +1
  • Elrond: Ring of Protection +1
  • Alistair: Cloak of Displacement

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