The Guardians – Episode 28: Get sledgehammers!

This session’s PCs:

  • Diana – human fighter 4
  • Elfred – high elf ranger 4
  • Fredo – stout halfling rogue 4
  • Hermione – human wizard 4
  • Mistamojo – human cleric 4
  • Oracle – human fighter 4

Standing in front of the large stone monument in the town square of Landseal, they considered the possible ways they were going to go through it. Meanwhile, outside of town, they could hear the marching army of the dead getting closer and closer.

Note that the map on the top left was not drawn by me. It’s from the Basic Fantasy RPG adventure module JN1 The Chaotic Caves. The rest are my map drawings of the close-up of the area near the town hall. See #12 in the town map.

Just as they were about to take a closer look at the monument, a group of townsfolk approached them with a young bearded man at the lead. He was complaining about being asked to leave their hometown, that they weren’t afraid of an army of the dead and that they would rather die than leave. Mayor Noah Pritchard walked to them in an attempt to diffuse the situation.

The heroes tried various ways to dismantle the monument. Elfred tried looking for possible keyholes on or around the monument. She found three holes but none of them turned out to be a keyhole that worked with the Key of Landseal. Diana tied a rope to the top of the monument with the intention of pulling it down but found that it was too sturdy for that.

A few of them tried pounding on it with crowbars but they did not make a dent. Mistamojo abandoned talking to the unsettled townsfolk to try to push at the monument with his Gauntlets of Ogre Power. Unfortunately, he could not find a solid footing that would have allowed him to budge the stone pillar. Hermione cast a Fire Bolt at the monument but only managed to singe it.

Frodo tried his hand at chipping away at the monument when he heard a voice urging him to get out of there. Fredo looked around but could not find where the voice was coming from. It seemed that none of his friends could hear the voice either which troubled him even more. The voice introduced himself as Dime. Fredo focused on the task at hand and decided to ignore the voice for the time being.

Up in the sky, there were two flying things that looked like loose black tattered robes carrying a huge humanoid each. They swooped in to the town square and dropped off two large humanoid creatures that looked like they were sewn together from spare body parts. Hermione quickly realised that these were Flesh Golems and they would be unaffected by mundane weapons or charming magicks. And there was definitely no reasoning with them. One of the golems struck a couple of townsfolk who were standing nearby and bloodily killed them both.

Oracle ran toward the flesh golems, his new Flame Tongue Sword in hand and yelled out, “fuego apagalo!” Immediately, the sword lit up in flames and then went out. He was surprised for a moment and then realised that “fuego” ignites the sword and “apagalo” extinguishes it.

Standing in front of the golem, he raised his sword again and shouted out “fuego!” The Flame Tongue Sword ignited once more. He then struck the golem dealing it a searing blow to the chest. However, the golems were tough creatures. The golem that Oracle attacked didn’t seem too affected.

Diana shot an arrow right to the chest of the same golem but the arrow just bounced off its thick skin. She set aside her bow and instead pulled out her beloved magic dagger which glowed bright blue when unsheathed. She ran toward the golem and buried her dagger deep into its arm.

As for Hermione, she raised her Wand of Magic Missile at the creatures and fired off four bolts of force energy. The missiles unerringly hit the two golems.

The golems pushed forward toward the heroes. One golem slammed Oracle very hard that caused him to stagger back a little. The other golem tried to strike at Diana but she shimmered and avoided all the blows thanks to her Cloak of Displacement.

With the golems coming closer to them, Fredo spoke out loud directing a question to the mysterious voice in his head. “What should we do?”

Dime the voice replied, “What should we do? We should get out of here! We’re going to die here!” The voice was starting to sound desperate.

Fredo asked again, “how do we get inside the thing? Under the monument?”

“I don’t know. Smash it to bits with a sledgehammer or something!” replied Dime.

Fredo relayed back that a voice in his head said to use sledgehammers.

Mistamojo faced the townsfolk and shouted at them to get away from the town square and to also bring them sledgehammers to help them demolish the monument. The townsfolk were easily convinced by the charismatic cleric and quickly dispersed, even the hard-headed bearded young man who was arguing with the mayor.

After the people started fleeing, he summoned a magically divine axe from thin air and hurled it at the golems slashing both of them.

With all the commotion going on, Fredo took his crowbar at a stone block at the bottom of the monument and tried to pry it loose. He chipped away at the side of the block and was able to pull it out. Underneath the block he removed was packed earth. They would need to do some digging once they clear out a few more stones.

At that moment, they all heard the wooden town wall in the distance up north fall. The army of the dead punched through the town’s northern defences.

To be continued…


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