The Guardians – Episode 29: Is this how you fight?

This session’s main characters:

  • Diana – human fighter 4
  • Elfred – high elf ranger 4
  • Fredo – stout halfling rogue 4 (NPC-mode)
  • Hermione – human wizard 4
  • Mistamojo – human cleric 4
  • Oracle – human fighter 4
  • Yobak – goblin NPC

Hermione created a loud thunder wave aimed toward the monument. The monument cracked and dust fell to the side. The block beside the opening that Fredo created last time crumbled from the force of her Thunder wave spell.

Mistamojo convinced Yobak to go into the small opening that Fredo had created and explore what’s underneath the monument. Yobak went down and shouted back that he saw an obelisk in the cavern underneath. It looked like the very same obelisk they used to transport in and out of Zelirith’s Tower.

Mistamojo used his Gauntlets of Ogre Power to rip apart two stone blocks at the base of the monument making a big enough hole for a person to walk down to the passageway underneath.

Oracle continued to fight one of the two flesh golems. The golem managed to stay on its toes even after Oracle’s fiery attack whilst Diana also stabbed at the same golem with her magic dagger, focusing on the same enemy for now.

Meanwhile, the zombies have punched through the north wall and have started pushing themselves to the south. Just behind the zombies were two flying creatures wearing tattered robes just circling behind them. These were the two creatures that had carried and dropped the flesh golems into town earlier. Mistamojo gazed at them and could now recognise them as fearsome banshees.

The guards at the town gates had fallen back to the centre of town as the zombie horde advanced. They were struggling to hold the line as the townsfolk who had not evacuated started to flee southward toward the heroes. A few townsfolk also returned from the south side with sledgehammers. “We’re back! We have the sledgehammers!”

Fredo looked around and heard Dime’s voice inside his head again. “There’s an opening! Go in! Go in! Let’s get out of here!” it said. He considered fighting for a moment but then decided to follow Yobak underground. He grabbed both the Key of Landseal and the Phylactery from Elfred and then descended into the hole. He too saw Zelirith’s obelisk in a round cavern below.

Back outside, Elfred summoned a Fog Cloud between the marching zombies and the fleeing townsfolk. The zombies got lost inside the thick fog.

The two golems continued to advance southward but Oracle stood in front of them with his Flametongue sword in hand. He slashed the weaker golem again across the chest with his flaming sword. The golem fell down on one knee but quickly stood up again. Oracle took a deep breath in disbelief. It was still alive. And he was barely staying on his own feet from his own wounds.

Hermione then fired off a Thunderwave spell at the two golems. Due to her skill at manipulating magic, the wave just went around them as it slammed against the golems. The tougher golem was pushed back but the weaker one managed to plant its feet firmly to the ground.

The stronger golem looked around at something to attack and saw Diana and her shimmering cloak. It tried to punch her twice but she just easily avoided both attacks. The second golem slammed Oracle right in the chest which sent him flying a feet off the ground. He fell to the ground unconscious.

Meanwhile beneath the ground, Yobak went past Zelirith’s obelisk and continued down another passageway. It was dark and it was going downwards. He could exactly see where it went. He guessed it was toward the gates to the hellsmouth. Fredo followed close behind him despite the voice’s protestations.

Back on the surface, Diana leaped at the golem responsible for Oracle’s fall. She plunged her magic dagger right between the golem’s eyes. The golem sank to its knees and fell on its side, still smoking from the burns it sustained from Oracle’s flaming sword.

Mistamojo saw Oracle needed help so he walked toward him. He gave the unconscious warrior a swift kick on the butt first and said, “is this how you fight?” Then he knelt down, pulled the healing potion from Oracle’s belt and then poured it down Oracle’s throat.

In a few seconds, Oracle’s eyes opened. He’s conscious again but still weak. Elfred ran to Oracle and healed him with her elven magic. This was enough to get him back on his feet.

Oracle stood up angry. He held out his Flametongue sword and yelled out “Fuego!” The sword’s blade was suddenly engulfed in flames. He ran toward the remaining golem and struck it from behind with a mighty blow. The golem sustained a large wound that was instantly cauterised by the Flametongue. It then fell to the ground motionless.

The people with the sledgehammers approached the monument and started pounding on it, quickly widening the hole that led to the underground passage. The rest of the townsfolk continued running toward the monument as the heroes seemed to be trying to get underneath it.

The remaining guards continued to hold back the zombie army away from the rest of the people. Hermione stepped toward the zombies and unleashed another Thunderwave. The first row of zombies staggered back but there seemed to be an endless number of them coming from the north.

Diana and Elfred shot at the zombies. Diana shot an arrow at one and killed it. Elfred shot out a Fire Bolt at another and also killed it.

Mistamojo saw the futility of fighting all the zombies and decided that they just needed to get the people out of harms way. He ordered the people to go down the passageway underground and followed them in. The people started gathering around Zelirith’s obelisk and stood inside the magic circle around it.

Oracle walked in behind the people and went straight for the obelisk. He placed his hand on the slot under the obelisk and said, “Nunquam non paratus!” Suddenly the circle around the obelisk and the people lit a bright blue as the runes on the circle started crawling clockwise. The people exclaimed in surprise by the display of magic.

Mistamojo yelled out, “Come here! Run!”

Diana, Elfred and Hermione heard Mistamojo’s faint cry and realised that the rest of the team had already gone underground. Just at that moment, the two banshees that were just hovering behind the zombie army started to descend toward them.

To be continued…


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