The Guardians – Episode 31: Conclusion

This session’s main characters:

  • Diana – human fighter 4
  • Elfred – high elf ranger 4
  • Fredo – stout halfling rogue 4
  • Hermione – human wizard 4
  • Lavandes – high elf druid 4
  • Mistamojo – human cleric 4
  • Oracle – human fighter 4

With the phylactery sinking to the bottom of the River Styx, the demilich felt fear and desperation as it flew toward the Hellmouth. At that moment, the sky seemed to begin to clear. The darkness was starting to be replaced by sunlight peeking through the clouds. The army of the dead seemed uncertain now and started to walk back away from the centre of town.

Velith ordered the banshees to resume their attacks but they only fled out of town along with the zombies. She was now really furious at Mistamojo for deceiving her. She screamed at him, “cleric!!!”

Mistamojo tried to calm her down with words but that just enraged Velith all the more. She lunged at him with her two clawed hands. Sparks flew but her claws were not able to penetrate Mistamojo’s armour.

Down below, as Elfred was about to activate Zelirith’s transporter obelisk, she noticed that the circle below was actually already lit blue and spinning. Somebody was coming. She stepped back and Lavandes appeared in the circle.

Yobak told her which words to say to send her to where the rest of the Guardians were. Now she saw Elfred and Diana around her. Farther away, she saw a flying angry skull heading north down the cavern and Oracle with his Flametongue right behind it.

Diana shook off her fatigue and found her second wind. She took out her trusty magic dagger and charged Kranis Volan’s flying skull. She swung her dagger but missed.

Annoyed at both Oracle and Diana for getting in its way, the demilich turned towards them and let out a wail that would’ve crushed the soul of an ordinary person but they both stood their ground albeit visibly shaken.

The demilich turned and flew away. Elfred fired off a couple of fire bolts at it as it passed by. Lavandes walked to Oracle and bestowed magical resistance on him in case he’ll need it in trying to bring down Kranis Volan.

Oracle tried to shake the preternatural fear he was feeling after his close encounter with the demilich but he couldn’t get himself to pursue it. He instead threw his Flametongue sword at the creature but it easily dodged out of the way. His sword fell to the ground and the fire on its blade went out.

The demilich was no longer in sight as it went down through the narrrow passage leading to Hellmouth where Fredo and Hermione were.

At the Hellmouth, Hermione felt rushing wind coming through the pit from the Abyss underneath, as if something big and unseen was rushing toward her. She needed to seal the doors as soon as possible.

After looking around, she determined that she had two options: push the doors close from the pit-side as there were no handles on the double doors or turn the key in the right hole again.

At this time, none of the keyholes shone any coloured light. She placed the key in the nearest hole and turned it. Suddenly, electricity coursed through her body sending shock through her spine. Maybe pushing the doors close from the other side would be the better way to go.

Fredo thought it was too dangerous to guess at which keyhole to try. He wanted to use the pieces of string in his pocket to tie them to the door somehow and pull on it to close them shut.

He tried gripping the surface of the door that was hanging above the Hellmouth but he slipped. Thankfully, he was close enough to the ledge that he was able to get his balance and not fall over.

Hermione moved to behind the right door and pushed against it using the cavern wall as leverage. With some effort, she succeeded in pushing the heavy door. Both doors began to close at the same time. She continued to push at it, trying to get some momentum.

Above ground, Mistamojo didn’t want to aggravate Velith even more so he turned to go join his friends below ground. He said to Velith, “good bye, woman.”

Further enraged, she chased after him. She shouted, “come back here, cleric!”

Mistamojo entered the cavern with the transporter just as three fiery hell hounds ran into the cavern from the opposite end. The hell hounds were running towards the narrow exit that led to the surface. Towards him.

Diana leaped at the closest hell hound and plunged her magic dagger into it. It growled in pain and breathed out fire at her. Flames enveloped her and she fell to the ground unconscious and singed. Another hell hound blew fire at both Lavandes and Oracle. Lavandes was able to dodge most of the flames but not completely. Oracle jumped and tumbled away much more quickly.

Mistamojo walked to Diana and with his divine power healed her. Velith then entered the cavern, standing in the way of the advancing hell hounds. One hell hound breathed fire at Velith. She was singed as she stepped aside but it did not seem to affect her that much. Her eyes were still locked on Mistamojo as she rushed towards him.

She swiped at him with her clawed hand, wounding him. Then she tried to bite his neck but he was able to duck away. She sneered when she saw that Mistamojo was bleeding. Mistamojo responded, “I’m just glad you got some satisfaction out of that.” Upon hearing this, Velith scowled.

However she realised that her cause was lost. She decided to retreat. As she flew away, she shouted back at Mistamojo, “I’ll get you next time, cleric!”

Meanwhile, the rest of the heroes in the cavern started running toward the Hellmouth just in case they would be needed there.

At the Hellmouth, Fredo and Hermione have nearly closed the doors when Kranis Volan’s flying skull came flying through the remaining gap between the two doors. Hermione saw that the demilich just continued flying down the deep pit into the Abyss below.

The gap further narrowed and the doors were almost closed with Hermione hovering on the wrong side of the massive doors. She peered into the narrow gap, looked at Fredo and then vanished in a puff of smoke. Instantly she reappeared behind Fredo as the doors closed completely.

There was a loud clunk and the doors to the Hellmouth were sealed once more.

The Lich Kranis Volan and his phylactery had been trapped in the underworld. The world was safe once more. The town of Landseal celebrated the victory of their Guardians.

The town started to rebuild their homes and community. As per the heroes’ instructions, the passageway that led to the Hellmouth gates had been collapsed and buried.

A new monument had been erected on top of the old passageway to commemorate the heroic act of the Guardians. It was a dark stone wall with a bas-relief of the heroes looking on to the distance and the words “LEST WE FORGET” etched at the bottom. They also built a cottage within the town walls to act as the Guardians’ headquarters.

The site of victory against the Lich King had drawn in visitors from across the kingdom. Some have settled in the town permanently under the protection of the heroes that vanquished Kranis Volan and his army of the dead. Landseal grew and prospered.

Oracle was made the new Captain of the Guards after the death of the previous one during the Battle of Landseal.

Diana was made the new Quartermaster, in charge of training the local militia.

Elfred headed the remaining young couple of rangers that protect the nearby Andren Forest.

Fredo decided to follow the lead of the voice in his head promising of great riches.

Lavandes went in search for other druids in an attempt to rise in the druidic ranks.

Mistamojo became the bishop of Landseal and headed the local church after it had been rebuilt.

Kheldratus, the Warden of the West, met with Hermione and dubbed her (Hermionith) the new Warden of the East and she inherited Zelirith’s Tower (The East Warden’s Tower).

The end. For now.


It had been a great pleasure running the slightly-over-year-long campaign with these guys. I hope they enjoyed playing it as much as I had running it for them.


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