Dragonslayers of Erstone character sheets

I have changed over to the modified 5e character sheets for the player characters of our Dragonslayers Basic Fantasy RPG campaign. The screenshot shows the characters as of the end of session 6 back in November 2017.

However, I will keep up-to-date in a shared folder in the cloud for anybody interested in keeping tabs on it here:



Back to Basic

After a couple of sessions running fifth edition D&D (5e), I’ve come to realise that although Wizards of the Coast did a pretty good job at simplifying this latest incarnation of D&D, it still has a lot of tiny moving parts. Too many moving parts, in my opinion, as compared to Classic D&D.

Sure, old school D&D has a few subsystems for different tasks instead of the one unified 1d20 + modifier rule, but they really are just about two handfuls of rules to learn and then that’s it. With 5e, I feel like it’s a death from a thousand cuts as the dungeon master (DM).

It doesn’t feel like that much rules at the beginning but I could see that as the players level up and they start to get more features, I’d have to put forth challenges and creatures with just as many features for me to learn and run. I probably wouldn’t mind the overhead when I was younger but these days, I don’t have lots of free time after work to figure out challenge ratings and read up on rules and all that adventure prep.

In the end, I asked the players if it’s okay to go back to using Basic Fantasy RPG and they were fine with that. Thankfully.

And so I’ve converted their characters back except for Lavandes and Elfred. I’ve converted Elfred from cleric to ranger to multi-classed fighter/magic-user. For Lavandes, I’ve allowed her to stay as Druid using the supplemental rules for druids.

I also started to look for a new character sheet to use but couldn’t find a form-fillable one I liked. In the end, I liked the 5e character sheet so much that I ended up modifying it a little and used that as our BFRPG character sheet!

I kept the background stuff because I think that helps guide my players as to who their characters are. I also kept the two axis alignment more as a reminder of their character’s moral code. Just for flavour.

If you want to check out the converted sheets for the Guardians group, you can find them here: https://1drv.ms/f/s!AnJOWypFepGXxVsVvOOmWaLbcQhs

The Fellowship – The Player Characters post episode 4

Here is a snapshot of the player characters’ sheets after saving the abducted children from the goblins.
I’ve altered the James V West OSR character sheet I downloaded from the Basic Fantasy RPG website with the following modifications:

  • I added a Player field. I initially found it useful to know which character belongs to which player. Of course I know it by heart now but I kept it there.
  • I spelt out the Ability names from the three letter shortened form. I found my players getting tripped up with the shortened form.
  • I spelt out Attack Bonus instead of AB. They keep forgetting about it. I’m hoping with the words spelt out, it will be more intuitive.
  • I added a Skill Check target number box.
  • Made the shield drawing for AC also include the letters AC inside it. Having the AC outside confused some players as to which number is the AC (there are a lot of nearby numbers, including the AB score).
  • Added an HP max sub section.
  • Removed the lines in Special and Items. The lines make the text look too busy and some players don’t really look at the items they have.

That’s it. I just wanted to improve readability and minimise confusion.

Anyway, it’s all good to go for the game on Tuesday.